MedBiquitous Activity Report Web Services


The MedBiquitous Activity Report Web Services provides a consistent means of exchanging data related to professional development activities, including Maintenance of Certification Activities and Continuing Education Activities. This structure then enables the automated tracking of education and certification activities across organizational boundaries.

Web Services Descriptions

MedBiquitous uses a component-based approach to Web services descriptions, separating the abstract components from the concrete components. The file contains all the Web services files and the payload schema.You may also download the component files individually. Best practice is to point to the activityreporttypes.xsd and activityreportbindings.wsdl on this server.

Implementers need to modify the activityreportservice.wsdl to specify the location and namespace of their Web service.

The schema file activityreport.xsd is available at:


A specification is not yet available for Activity Report Services.

For more information, visit the MedBiquitous website.